On the Road FAQs

  1. See a dead animal on the road?

    Here is who you should call
    • Numbered Highways: Mainroad (250-391-7310)
    • Highlands, Langford, View Royal, Metchosin: Victoria Contracting (250-474-2688)
    • Colwood: Public Works (250-474-4311)
  2. Need information on road conditions and closures?

    Visit www.driveBC.ca or call them at 1-800-550-4997. You may find information pertaining to major events, border delays, and more! You can even look at their webcams to get a live view on road conditions. You can follow DriveBC on Twitter and receive direct updates.

  3. Traffic Collisions

    Involved in a minor vehicle collision? Police do not need to attend a collision scene where there are no injuries (apparent physical harm that requires medical attention) and/or minor damage.

    Exchange information with the other party such as the other driver’s name, driver’s licence number and plate number. With that information in hand, you may contact ICBC to make your claim.

  4. Traffic Complaints

    Traffic complaints have been contributing to about 10% of the general volume call for West Shore RCMP Detachment.

    There are three types of traffic complaints you can report:

    1. General Information - information that you want us to be aware of for potential enforcement action as time and resources permit. ie. a continual problem with speeders in your area.

      If you wish to report an area of concern in the West Shore where you would like to see enforcement, you may request the assistance of our Speed Watch program

    2. Warnings - These are observed driving offences where you simply want the police to speak to the driver or owner and issue a warning. Based on the evidence received and the course of the investigation, the officer will determine if a warning letter is warranted.
    3. Charges Laid on Your Behalf - These are observed driving offences that you feel warrant immediate enforcement action and you want police to issue a Violation Ticket on your behalf. You must be willing to attend court and give evidence.

      You will need to fill out a Complaint of Traffic Violation form at the detachment. Based on the evidence received and the course of the investigation, the officer will determine if a charge is warranted.

    When reporting a traffic complaint, it is important to provide sufficient details to allow police to follow up appropriately. This information includes, but not limited to:

    • description of the vehicle involved
    • licence plate of the vehicle
    • location of the alleged offence
    • description of the driver
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