Women in policing: spotlight on Cst. Elyse Patten

West Shore

2021-03-08 09:15 PST

Listen to Cst. Elyse Patten speak about being a woman in policing. Cst. Patten has 6 years of service with the RCMP. She is passionate about the community she lives and works in. When she is not working, she volunteers her time for charities such as Tour de Rock, Sarah Beckett Memorial run, and more.

For more information how to become and RCMP officer visit the Police officer careers webpage.


Video opens with Cst. Elyse Patten sitting and speaking about her experience as a police officer. Several photos of Elyse in and out of uniform are displayed on the screen while she continues to describe her experiences as a police officer.


My name is Constable Elyse Patten I was recruited out of Victoria, British Columbia, and posted to the West Shore RCMP detachment. I have been a member for six years. I wanted a job where every day was different. I wanted to be able to meet lots of different people. I wanted a job where there was a lot of opportunity to try new things, to learn, to develop, especially with the RCMP the opportunity to travel, to experience new places and communities. (Because) I think it’s really important for my own development and growth that I can see how other cultures and other communities live outside of my bubble (in Victoria).

One of the most common comments that I receive when I’m not working and I tell someone I’m a police officer Is, they are amazed at how nice I am. When we are interacting with people in the community, they are having the worst days of their life, and showing kindness is usually the only thing they remember from that day. They won’t remember what we tell them, what we necessarily did, but they will remember how much kindness we showed them when they were experiencing such horrible things in their life.

I am lucky to live in a community where I grew up and my family lives here. I am a wife and a fur mom to a dog and two cats. I love to play soccer and sports within the community. I love to be involved with different events such as Tour de Rock or the Sarah Beckett Memorial Run, which is definitely a passion project for everyone here at the West Shore detachment.

Women bring a lot to this job as well as men, but it’s a fun job and you get to do things that you would never do in other careers. Don’t feel that you shouldn’t try (to become a police officer), because you’re a woman.


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