West Shore RCMP spotlight on RCMP Police Dog Services- Cpl. Sansome and Erik

West Shore, Police Dog Services

2020-05-13 13:30 PDT

In celebration of National Police Week, here is a closer look at Cpl. Sansome and his police dog, Erik, who are a members of the West Shore RCMP and South Island Police Dog Services.


Video depicts Cpl. Sansome standing and talking while his Police Dog, Erik, is laying by his feet and playing with a chewing toy.

My name is Corporal Melvin Sansome I’m with the West Shore (RCMP), South Island District Police Dog Services. This is my service dog Erik. Erik is a seven year old German Shepherd from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police breeding program in Innisfil Alberta.

We provide a variety of different jobs to the members. From conducting drug searches of houses, vehicles, boats, (to) looking for lost people, finding evidence, doing school talks and demonstrations, (as well as), criminal apprehension’s and tracking.

The best part of my job obviously is working with the dog. The dog is a lot of fun. It’s fun to watch the quirkiness of the dog, It’s fun to watch the way he approaches things. It’s really cool to see him actually doing a task, to actually see him locate a gun or drugs or find someone who’s missing in a bush or clearing a building or something. It’s really fun to see him get animated and perk up…(and) the other members that have never seen it before and they actually get to see it and I see their excitement.

Photo cutaway caption reads: Take a look at Cpl. Sansome and Erik in training…

Cpl. Sansome: RCMP Police Dog! Stop or I’ll send the dog! Stop you’re under arrest! Stop or I’ll send the dog! You will get bit! Hang em up Erik! That a boy, good boy!

Caption on the screen reads: Thanks for watching. Visit www.rcmpcareer.ca , a uniform with your name on it is waiting for you.

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