Auxiliary Program

The RCMP Auxiliary Program strengthens community and police partnerships by providing trained volunteers with the opportunity to perform a variety of authorized activities that enhance community policing and crime prevention initiatives.

Auxiliary badge

In BC, the Auxiliary Program operates under the leadership of the RCMP Commanding Officer in partnership with the provincial Ministry of Justice.

Auxiliaries are trained and authorized to perform non-enforcement community policing and crime prevention activities such as:

Volunteers with peace officer status

RCMP Auxiliaries are volunteers who receive a BC Police Act Appointment as a sworn peace officer after completing the approved RCMP and Provincial Ministry of Justice training.

They are required to:



The RCMP provides an Auxiliary with a uniform. The most identifiable markings are


Auxiliary Recruits must complete the Ministry of Justice Auxiliary/Reserve Training Curriculum that includes physical, theory-based and practical training. There are also a number of RCMP training courses that must be completed.

Their training includes subjects such as:

Continuous learning opportunities are provided to Auxiliaries, ensuring their skills and knowledge are kept current during their Appointment in the program.

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Auxiliary Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training does an Auxiliaries receive?

Auxiliary Constables are required to successfully complete an extensive 260 hours of physical and theory based training, covering subjects on Law, Powers of Arrest, Criminal Code of Canada, Provincial Statutes, Court Room Procedure, Traffic, Evidence Protection, Domestic Disturbances, Hand Cuffing Techniques and Arrest Techniques, Officer Safety Training, Drill & Deportment, and Community presentations. Two exams are required, midterm and a final examination, in which they are required to score a minimum of 70%.

What do you do when you are on duty?

Auxiliaries are trained to assist RCMP police officers, follow their direction and be willing to assist in any situation.

Do you receive a salary for your time in the Auxiliary Program?

Auxiliaries are unpaid volunteers who commit a minimum of 160 hours annually to this program.

Why volunteer as an Auxiliary?

The answer varies from auxiliary to auxiliary, but generally it is a strong desire to serve the community and to make a difference. Auxiliaries choose to volunteer their time by policing the community, to make it a safer place for all families and citizens. We are often considered the 'Ultimate Volunteer'.

What does the Auxiliaries uniform look like?

The Auxiliary uniform is comprised of RCMP blue trousers complemented with a standard issue RCMP grey shirt, tie, and hat with blue band. The Auxiliaries have the standard RCMP shoulder flash with the wording Auxiliary on the bottom, and the outer gear, vest and jacket, also note Auxiliary on the front and back. The Auxiliaries are issued a standard belt with the required operational equipment.

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